Ryan Giggs confirms expansion plans for his hotel venture with Gary Neville

The Wales manager said their Hotel Football concept could work in cities such as Cardiff, Newcastle and Glasgow as well as overseas.
Wales football manager Ryan Giggs is looking for UK-wide expansion for the hotel venture he owns alongside former Manchester United team mates that include Gary Neville.

Speaking at a meeting of Cardiff Breakfast Club, Mr Giggs said that having bedded in their first hotel venture, Hotel Football Old Trafford in Manchester, expansion is now very much on the agenda.

The business partners, along with former players Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, and Phil Neville, have other ventures in Cafe Football and GG Hospitality.

The Cardiff-born former Wales international said that their Hotel Football concept could be rolled out to cities such as Cardiff,
Newcastle and Glasgow, as well into mainland Europe and the Far East.

He said that moving into business was something that he and team mate Gary Neville had thought about towards the end of their playing careers at Old Trafford.

Mr Giggs said: “As well as coaching were we interested in the hospitality business. So over the last ten years our portfolio has grown in the sector whether that be F&B (food and beverage) or hotels.

“We have just concentrated on Manchester as we know the market, but we have always wanted to branch out across the UK, especially with the Hotel Football concept, as we believe that can go anywhere. It can go around Europe, the Far East and ultimately we want to get it around the UK, because we believe in it. The concept isn’t just Manchester United, it is a hotel and for football fans and we are really proud of it.

“We have got an ideal location next to Old Trafford, but I don’t see why it cannot be in other city centres, for example like Cardiff or Newcastle and Glasgow, which we have looked at. We wanted to get our first hotel right. It has been around four years now, so we are looking to expand.”

In a Q&A session at Glamorgan Cricket Club, he was also asked to describe his management and leadership style with Wales.

He said: “It its about communicating key messages. You don’t want to overload players with information, but you also have to try to get how you want them to play in such a short space of time.

“So you have to be clear. I always ask the players questions and if they are happy with everything, as they have to go out on the pitch and do it. If they are not happy with the way we are set up I always want to hear that.

“We play Slovakia next week and I have been watching them for two to three months. However, the players only get short meetings when they get to see them , so they only get little snippets. So we have to try and make it as clear as possible and give them two or third things we want to see in the game.”

On advice to any young player seeking a career in professional football he said: “I have always believed in working hard. It doesn’t matter who you are or how talented you are, you have to be hardworking.

“I have always had that, because I have seen young players who were just as talented as me aged 14 and 15, but who weren’t prepared to sacrifice and work hard. They thought their talent would be enough, but sometimes it is not. And I have seen it the other way too where players who aren’t as talented, but were willing to work hard.

“So it is about working hard and enjoying it, but also preparation as well. As a player I sort of did that naturally and when you take over as a coach or a manager, with the pressure of a national job, being prepared is the most important thing.

So, whatever it is in life, whether a presentation or going to a business meeting, you have to be prepared.”

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The next speaker at the club will be the chief executive of Cardiff and Vale College, Mike James, on November 6th.

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