Debra Barber, MD at Cardiff Airport

Friday 9th December, 7.30am, SSE SWALEC Stadium

Debra Barber first joined Cardiff Airport in 2012 as operations director following a successful career with the Royal Air Force.

Her career in the military began in 1984 and she spent the first 10 years working in and around the RAF airfields as an air traffic controller before retiring as group captain and air traffic management force commander.

At Cardiff Airport, before being promoted to managing director, Debra held the position of interim Managing Director from September 2014 – December 2015. During this time the Airport saw significant growth in passenger numbers, a new airline base, new services and successful

029 20 838 310 / 029 20 686 187

Effective. 46-48 Cardiff Road, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2DT

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